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Set an example for Kangmu and tell cultural stories

Set an example for Kangmu and tell cultural stories                             — Earnest article Values: sincerity and innovation "Serious" means: 1. Correct attitude: be serious and responsible for the work, strictly demand yourself and eliminate randomness; 2. Pay attention to details: understand the details of work and put an end to carelessness; 3. Good at learning: proficient in major; Be good at summarizing; Good at helping.   Doing simple things well is excellence Zhang Lijie He is very ordinary In June 2020, Zhang Lijie joined Kangmu animal protection and became an ordinary QC Analyst in the quality assurance department. QC testing is a small but important part of the company, with cumbersome work and heavy responsibility. But he's very responsible The job of the laboratory technician is to do a good job in each test. In his daily test, he always confirms the test instruments and analysis methods first, tries to standardize each experimental operation and complete the observation of the stability of the sample, because he knows that each test result is directly linked to the economic interests of the company. Therefore, he takes each test seriously and seeks truth from facts.   Every minute counts Chen Jingzhen She is ordinary In September 2019, Chen Jingzhen joined Kangmu animal protection and became an ordinary hardware warehouse keeper in the storage department. Her work involves the management of hardware, packaging materials, labor protection and other materials. It seems ordinary but actually extraordinary. But she did her best In order to improve accuracy and work efficiency, she made a new layout of all hardware warehouses, redefined and divided all materials according to area, frame, layer and location according to the No. 4 positioning method, and adjusted the ERP warehouse location to ensure one-to-one correspondence of materials. In order to increase the reuse rate of materials, she set up warehouse No. 0 to make the warehouse zoning clearer and more conducive to the management of the warehouse.   Pay attention to details and strictly implement Wang Xinghao He is unknown Wang Xinghao is a fire controller of the safety and environment department. 2022 is the fourth year of joining the safety and environment department. He stumbled in exploration and mastered the basic skills required for the post. But he is pragmatic 01. Carry out fire patrol on the production site every day, organize and participate in hidden danger investigation 19 times, and the annual hidden danger rectification rate is 87.7%; 02. Conduct daily fire inspection; Inspect fire-fighting facilities and equipment every month; Confirm the alarm of combustible gas system on site; 03. Carry out special training on air respirator for 4 times; 4 times of fire fighting skill education and training; Cooperate with lightning protection and anti-static, combustible gas probe, fire detection, etc; 04. Actively participate in the examination and training of higher vocational education, limited space operation, etc., learn the new safety law, and actively learn the laws and regulations of work safety. Start with details and responsibilities Shan fuming He's tiny Shan fuming joined the Kangmu family in March 2020 and is now a centrifugal operator in the third section of the workshop. His main work is to centrifuge and classify the materials in the workshop. But he is very diligent He is always down-to-earth, regards his post as his home, cleans the site cleanly and arranges all materials neatly. When centrifuging and classifying materials, always be responsible for the completion of quality and quantity.   Quality and quantity, high quality and quantity Jian Jun Chen He is ordinary Chen Jianjun joined Kangmu in September 2014 and worked as a pulverizer in the API workshop. He was conscientious, responsible, enterprising and proactive, down-to-earth, hard-working, quality and quantity guaranteed to complete all work tasks. But he's serious Before each pulverizing work, he will verify the batch number, specification, quantity and appearance of materials, be responsible for materials without impurity pollution, carefully fill in the operation records of his post, timely do a good job in the sanitation and cleaning of his post, be careful and clear about the handover work, and try his best to do everything well.   Earnestly perform and pay silently Jian Hua Xu He is nothing strange Xu Jianhua joined the company in March 2010 and has worked in the company for about 12 years. When working, be able to carefully complete the work in the section and operate in strict accordance with the production process. But he paid silently Compared with other posts, the restoration post in the workshop has high work intensity and hard work. Xu Jianhua has always put safety work in an important position. There has never been a safety accident in his post. He has tried not to affect the output of the com

Shandong refueling! Micro research come on!

Date: : 2022-03--22
Since the emergence of new coronavirus confirmed cases in Shandong Province, Shandong micro research immediately started to respond, organized relevant departments to hold epidemic prevention meetings at the first time, and arranged all departments of the company to do epidemic prevention work. Non essential outsiders are not allowed to enter the company, and outsiders entering the company must be inspected, disinfected and registered. Register each person entering and leaving the factory, and check the health code, travel code, nucleic acid test report and mask wearing. Foreign personnel who meet all requirements can enter the company after disinfection. Shandong Weiyan actively implemented various anti epidemic measures, arranged disinfection and killing within the company, dined at different tables in restaurants in batches, and organized nucleic acid testing. Carry out centralized disinfection of express every day to eliminate the situation of object to person transmission Mask covid-19 is a good weapon against new crown pneumonia. Shandong micro research daily masks and monitors the wearing of masks for employees, and penal officers are not penalized. Shandong micro research organization has organized several nucleic acid tests, starting small-scale nucleic acid tests on March 15, arranging all staff nucleic acid tests on March 17, starting the second round of nucleic acid tests on March 19 and the third round of nucleic acid tests on March 20. Pay tribute to all the soldiers fighting in the front line. With your active protection, mountains and rivers are safe. Go China! Shandong refueling! Micro research come on!
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Build a career with excellence and win with quality

Date: : 2022-03--02
In order to improve the learning interest of interns and new employees and make them have a further understanding of their work, the quality management department organized QC and QA interns and new employees to participate in instrument training, so that they learned and contacted more knowledge. High performance liquid chromatograph is the main player in our daily detection. Mr. Shen from thermofisher is a humorous person. His excellent business ability and professional attitude are admirable. He explained to us the basic principle of HPLC: when the components dissolved in the mobile phase pass through the stationary phase, due to the different strength of the action with the stationary phase, the retention time in the stationary phase is different, so as to separate the target group. In the teacher's detailed explanation, these young boys and girls showed a strong interest in learning and wrote hard in their notebooks. The teacher also showed them the basic operation and encouraged them to try it   The Karl Fischer micro moisture tester uses a high-precision metering tube with a piston to measure the consumed Karl Fischer reagent, and then converts the quality of the effluent according to the titration of Karl Fischer reagent, so as to calculate the moisture content of the sample. The training teacher is a meticulous and rigorous person. He repeatedly emphasized the precautions for the use of the moisture meter to make everyone feel that this is not a simple job: in order to strictly ensure the product quality, we must treat it with a rigorous and scientific attitude, and be very cautious and serious from the sample preparation process to the instrument collection process to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the measurement results.   The instrument uses a high-resolution digital imaging detector to observe the melting process of the sample in the capillary, which is clear and intuitive. Because the structure is not complex and the operation is relatively simple, the interns are eager to try, and the training teacher has also answered many of our questions. Through this instrument training, the partners of the quality management department can further learn and be familiar with the work content of the quality management department, so that they can apply what they have learned and contribute to the development of Zhixing pharmaceutical industry!
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